Geonecta connects the world's physical assets to the internet.

We develop remote monitoring and decision support technology for the optimal management of distributed assets. Propane distributors are using geonecta to optimize their deliveries, reduce operating costs, and improve service levels.

How it works

geonecta is a fully integrated hardware+software IoT solution that makes it easy to connect your assets to the internet in order to monitor them and optimize their management. geonecta's patent-pending system is composed of: (a) A cloud platform with data analysis tools and demand-driven route optimization algorithms, and (b) groups of plug-and-play wireless devices that can be easilly installed in minutes.

geonecta's wireless electronic devices are capable of connecting to your physical assets and transmitting their state to geonecta's cloud platform in real time via the cellular network (no WiFi required!). geonecta's electronic devices run on batteries and they can be interfaced with different kinds of sensors to measure a wide variety of physical variables. For instance, propane distribution companies connect our devices to commercially available dials in order to measure the fill state of propane tanks and upload the data to geonecta's cloud platform.

Once the wireless devices are installed, geonecta's cloud platform automatically aggregates and displays the information generated by each wireless device and it provides you with dashboards and analysis tools to optimize the management of your assets.

If your assets include depleting resources, such as a group of fuel tanks that need to be refilled periodically, geonecta's demand-driven route optimization system automatically calculates optimal delivery routes based on the real-time state of your assets.


Save money:

  • Optimize your inventory distribution routes and decrease total delivery costs by up to 30%.
  • Eliminate costly early deliveries that occur when servicing assets such as propane tanks that were not empty enough to justify refueling.

Keep your customers happy:

  • Eliminate customer complaints and costly emergency deliveries that occur when assets such as tanks empty faster than expected.
  • Provide your customers with access to their own consumption (e.g. propane consumption) patterns.

Increase the Safety of your Operation:

  • Decrease the total number of required deliveries per year and reduce the chances of accidents on the road and while refilling depleting assets (e.g. accidents while refueling propane tanks).
  • Detect possible leaks or tank malfunctions and receive alarms via email or SMS.

Prevent Theft:

  • Closely monitor the spread between the expected level and the real level of every depleting asset (e.g. the true level of a propane tank before and after refueling).

Make data-driven decisions:

  • Gain a deeper insight into the key metrics of your operation by visualizing and analyzing historical data and customer consumption patterns.


geonecta is currently offered through private invitation only. Please contact us for more information.

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